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If you’ve been shopping for a new home or trying to find a builder to create your dream home, then you know how hard it can be to choose the right builder. Who do you trust? How do you distinguish one builder in the Pocono area from another? Will your builder put the care and quality materials you want into your new home. Will they stand behind their work?

Builders know that it’s easy to impress a first-time home buyer. Everything about a new home looks perfect—the windows are sparkling clear, the paint gleams bright and fresh, and everything smells, well, new. It can be very exciting and even a little overwhelming. And that’s part of the problem. Any new home can look good when you first move in. But will it still look good and be trouble free five years later?


Experienced home buyers have learned to look beyond the fresh paint and shiny new surfaces. They know that not every new home is equal. At Grant Homes, we appreciate tough buyers like these because they recognize the quality and attention to detail that goes into every Grant home. They are usually our most satisfied customers.

When you first step through the front door of your new Grant home, you can feel confident that only the best materials and building technologies have gone into your home. Grant’s 35 years of experience as a Pennsylvania home builder assures you that your home is built solid—from the foundation to the peak of the roof.

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